The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox ~ Day 2

So this morning was a lot better than Day 1. I woke up, juiced and wrote in my journal. Im incorporating a bunch of tasks to perform every day to help with my well being. Its also helping me stay accountable especially if I can journal about this detox.

Recipe: Cucumber, beets, green apple, ginger root, celery stalk, carrots, kale. I juiced these to create this refreshing drink.

I also have a side hustle where I make that hustle a part of my workouts. I bought a sweat vest from Amazon for like $22 bucks and its helping this detox process because I sweat a lot especially in my mid section. Its helping to shape that area since I look like Sponge Bob Square Pants Torso. This is one area that I want to improve and hopefully I will see some results at the end of this process.

My water goal was to drink 158oz of water and I made it to 112oz. for the day (equivalent to (11) 8oz of water.) The goal is to drink 20 glasses a day and as the weight falls off this number will go down, but when I increase my water intake I can see and feel a difference. Ive noticed that I am probably dehydrated and in order for me to feel good I need to put more good things into my body.

I fell asleep by midnight last night so hopefully my sleep routine will change.

Your Thoughts?

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