Day 3 of The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox ~ Emotions

Today is day 3 and I woke up around 12:15 am to pee! Two days ago my beginning weight was 160.9 lbs, today Im weighing in at 158lbs, so far so good! Since its Labor Day I have been taking it easy but my stomach has been making noises so I know my digestive tract is working.

I must say that I have been feeling like I do before I begin my period, tired and gloomy. The diet said days 1-3, I could be feeling like crap, but it will subside. I am a happy person majority of the time, so emotionally I feel drained. I have not had any headaches just the bubble guts!

My morning juice drink recipe consists of the following: watermelon, celery, cucumber, beets, carrots, figs, green apple and ginger. I drank about 6 oz. Its 5:20pm and I have not had any cravings, I just drink my water when I do.

I rested as much as I allowed my body to do today before heading out for my evening workout. I only had my juiced drink in the morning, but I have been drinking water pretty much throughout the day. I ate a bowl of my veggie soup for dinner, but I chewed those veggies that were not blended in the soup. So I have been chewing my food in some instances so I have not completely gone liquid just yet. The good thing is that whatever I am consuming its all fruits and veggies, no meat, sugar, bread, or dairy.

I have noticed that the juice drink fills me up to where I am not having cravings like a few days ago. I am frequenting the bathroom moreso today than yesterday. I believe that I have gone to the bathroom about 10 times so far today.

Its 11pm and Im about to lay it on down. Im curious to see if I will remember my dreams which I haven’t done in about 4 years. Until tomorrow!

Your Thoughts?

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