3 Steps to Remember When Registering Your Idea for a TV Show

Registering a Show Idea for TV

I have a slew ideas for a tv show that runs through my head, but that is just what it is if you never go to the Writers Guild and Register Your Idea! Here are 3 Steps you Need to Remember when Registering Your Idea for a TV Show!

The First step I would tell anyone is to write your idea down! It never helps your idea if its still stuck in your head. I would so regret the thought knowing that if I never took action on an idea then I can’t get mad if someone else beats me to the punch. This step will help you take some type of action of seeing your dream come to eventually.

I was told before moving out to Los Angeles to TRUST No one! With that being said step 2 is to never share your idea until you have a script or a treatment written down, and it has been registered with the Writers Guild. Folks will steal your ideas with the quickness and its better to be prepared than un-prepared.

Lastly step 3 is to continue to write.  When your idea is being shopped around and finally sold,  the question will be asked, do you have anything else you can show us? Because you did not give up, you can have other projects on standby ready for that green light!

I got my letter in the mail today that my idea is registered.

I hope these 3 tips can shed a little light on How to Register your idea. I desperately needed to push myself in order to get this done and out of my head.  Thanks for reading about my journey and on becoming the next Shonda Rhimes!


Leave me a comment on your past experience in registering a script or treatment. Has anyone ever stolen your idea?