Why Everyone Needs to Do a Spiritual Fast For the Sake of the World!

My Fasting ExperienceFirst things first, I googled the word Fast, and different types of “Fasts” showed up on the 1st page of Google. The ideas started to pop into my head on which type of fast I will do. There is a 40 Day and 40 Night fast like what Jesus did back in the day. Left Eye did one as well and she felt like her relationship to God was deeper than ever. I was compelled to start writing again and this one thought has lead me to writing this blog post. As a online marketer I have learned how important it is to be on the first page of Google. There were a few blog articles about personal fast experiences, Fasting programs for purchase, and so on, but there is nothing like sharing your own story. This would be great if everyone took the time to think about Why They Need to Do a Fast.

As Im blossoming into my 40s Im reflecting a lot on How Im Striving to Do Better and Be Better.  So in doing my research on Fasts and their Benefits I came across a video from the MTV, The Documentary of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez (TLC Girl Group), and how she did a fast after she met a healing doctor by the name of Dr. Sebi. I learned about Dr. Sebi a few years back from a really conscious minded friend. I suggest you take the time a watch a few of the videos that are on Youtube about him and his healing practices. I always remind myself that You Are What You Eat! Watching that story prompted me to do more of my own research and journal about my Fasting experience.

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There were some things that I had to consider and really think about. For starters a routine or change in my normal schedule. Change comes with a lot of fears we put on ourselves so that is why its important that you do your research. Some of us need to be kept on our toes especially if we are working within our purpose so a swift kick in the right direction is always good when there is Change! Im exploring the notion of doing something outside of my comfort zone as Im starting out my 40s. Im all about being at my top physical shape and what better to do it than to Fast. I made a list of what I want to do for myself this year and the following came to me:

  1. Pray more and deepen my relationship with God
  2. Do a detox to really see how my body functions with nothing harmful within my system
  3. Incorporate 10 minutes of Meditation to help balance myself
  4. Stay consistent with whatever I choose to do

I desire to educate myself about nutrition and what my body really needs in order to operate. I believe this fast will help me to achieve all 4 of those goals and much more.  I plan to stay committed to this experience and share with you on this blog.

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