Learning About Something New – What is Movember?

Today is day 4 of my 365 Days of Learning Something New journey. On my spare time I drive for a couple of Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. As a rideshare driver you are coming in contact with a lot of interesting people or characters is what I like to call them.

On this one particular ride I picked up a guy and had to take him to an area in LA that I love called Marina Del Ray. This is an area close to the water and in the direction of my home.  So that is what is cool when you pick someone up and they are headed in your direction. As we were talking about How I got started driving for Rideshare Companies. I told him that I’m currently writing a script because my rideshare rides fuel my creativity. I mentioned that this ride will be a part of one of my episodes. In mentioning that It made me think about casting someone who resembles my rider who had a short mustache, kinda like Charles Chaplin. The rider mentioned that he was growing out his mustache for Mo-vember. I was like what is Mo-vember? For the month of November men will grow out their mustaches in support for those dealing with prostate cancer. I said to him that is awesome idea especially since my Uncle just passed away and the males in my family are high risk of getting it. I learned something new and it’s for a good cause.

So if you are a male sign up with the Movember Foundation and grow your mustache out. For the month of November help spread awareness about prostate cancer!

Thanks for reading Day 4 of my 365 days of learning something new journey. If you missed yesterday’s post catch it here. Leave me a comment on what you have learned new today! 

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