Learning About Something New – Arabic Greetings

I attended mass this morning at the Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral here in Los Angeles, and had a wonderful revelation as I was listening to the gospel. The monsignor told a story about how he traveled to the Holy Land a few months ago and was  asked to say a few words to the crowd at the end of their mass. He started out by saying to the crowd “alssalam ealaykum” which means “Peace Be with You.”  


As Americans I pray for those abroad who are Christians in areas of the world where there is so much fighting and hate going on. To be a strong advocate for Christ during these times can be difficult, but when we eliminate that fear and trust in God, nothing can hold you down. Learning a lil bit of Arabic and opening our minds to the truth about Islam will usher in Peace and Hope for the future.

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Learning About Something New – Cancer Sucks

Its Day 3 of my 365 Days of Learning Something New journey and today I learned that a good friend of mine has been battling Stage 2 Breast cancer and she is under the age of 40!

Now I just turned 40 and had to come to grips with getting a year older, but my friend informed me that if you have a family that is high risk of having the cancer gene then you need to get mammograms a lot sooner.

My friend educated me on how there are so many younger people walking around that have cancer. Luckily she had been giving herself self breast exams and followed up on a lump she found. She is in stage 2 of breast treatments right now. A lot of us take our health for granted but in talking with my friend, I’m being a bit more aggressive on changing some habits.

Did you know that by having 2 Cancer Treatments it can run you close to $62,000 and that does not include prescriptions or other out of pocket expenses. 

My friend suggested that I download a few apps one that will help me be in the know when it comes to Cancer. One of the apps is recommended I download is called Think Dirty. This app helps to identify products we come in contact with that are high with carcinogens in them.

Carcinogens are known to cause cancer and these toxins are allowed into our foods, everyday products we use and much more. The FDA is administering death sentences to everyone since they are approving GMO products like it’s ok for consumption.

Have you heard of a company by the name of Masanto? Well they are known for creating GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) which is what they are putting into the food. You have to wonder why so many people are coming down with diseases and ailments at a faster rate than in years past.

I hope you Learned Something New about Breast Cancer today and how it Sucks for a lot of people who are dealing with it. Cancer does not discriminate especially if you are not watching what you are putting into your body.

Continue to do your daily self breast exams and get a mammogram way before you turn 40, it just might save your life!

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Learning About Something New – Recycling Pays

So today is Day 2 of my 365 Days of Learning Something New and each morning I attempt to start everyday off with a positive mindset. So today I had to run quite a few errands and on my list to do was to drop off some recycling and to get some laundry done. A friend was throwing out a box of wine bottles from an event she had, and I opted to take that glass because you can get about $1.10/lb for glass out here in California. Not bad if you are an eco-friendly person like myself.

So I shot a video of what I learned today while I was waiting of my clothes to dry. Check it out below.

I was happy to know that I can recycle and get some laundry done at the same time. Its the little things that Im learning that makes me happy. Who knew!

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Learning About Something New- Pilates

Today is Day 1 of 365 Days of Learning Something New. My Uncle Leonard passed away this morning. Life is too short and this idea popped into my head as a way to take my mind off of mourning, but also quenching this thirst I have for knowledge. My uncle was an attorney and I have always been a seeker of the truth, so what better way to honor him by Learning Something New for the next 365 days.

Today was all about Pilates. I have never taken a class before so I was game to stretch my back out on the reformer. I once Freelanced as a Personal Assistant for Naomi Campbell’s weave-ologist in which I learned how Naomi keeps her body tight and its all because of Pilates!

I met my Pilates instructor through a mutual friend that I graduated from college with. We were talking about my Social Media Consulting Business and how I help artist and entrepreneurs improve their online presence. She was teaching a Pilates class the next day and her videographer fell through. She asked if I could come and film the class. In return for that favor I was able to get a private Pilates lesson in  at a really nice spa.

The location of the session was held at the Carriage House Spa in Pasadena, CA. Its a small but quaint spa with a gym, steam room and jaccuzi for its members. Since I had my first session of Pilates, I also had the opportunity to indulge in the amenities of the spa. It was a great way to relax and try to piece through the loss of my uncle. Im happy that I was able to learn something new and not have to stress at the same time.

I sometimes have back issues due to an old sciatic nerve flare up. Since then I have tried Hot Bikram Yoga and Thai Massages to help relieve the stiffness I get in my back. Pilates is all about working your core and keeping your body aligned. Since I recently turned 40 (and yes I do not look my age) Im all about maintaining an awesome healthy body.

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Black Girls Travel: 3 Tips To Consider When Travelling Out of LAX

I finally made it to Lima, Peru! After being dropped off at the wrong terminal at LAX again (Another blog post) I’m giving 3 Essential tips for traveling abroad. 

1. Know which terminal your flight is leaving from before you head for the airport! I made the same mistake twice now that I have traveled out of LAX. It’s a huge airport but knowing this bit of info can save you 30min easy!

2. Give yourself 3 hours if you are flying internationally especially if you did not do #1. You just may end up at the wrong airport terminal. 

3. Exchange your currency when you get to your destination, especially if the U.S. Dollar is strong. 

These are just 3 little things to take into consideration when traveling abroad. 

I will be writing more about my Peruvian adventure all while celebrating my 40th birthday. 

Leave me a comment if you have traveled abroad before. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more great stories from Peru!

#LibraChronicles-26 Days

I started the week off going to mass and realized that I have 30 days left of my 39 year old self. I so appreciate the journey that I’m currently on right now. 

Whenever September 1st comes around I always begin to do a lot of self reflections of where I am in life and the only 2 things that are missing is my father and Grandmother who are no longer here on earth. I’m entering a new phase of my life without them. 

All of the lessons they taught me are instilled in me in so many ways. My perspectives are clearer and I’m making myself a priority during My 40s. I’m leaning towards becoming a vegan but haven’t made that commitment just yet. Living in California you are forced to make your health a priority. I’m walking around an awesome track as I write this post. 

I look at life for the lessons to be learned and seek the beauty in all things God created. My friend told me that you are where you are supposed to be so don’t get all caught up in yourself. 

So as I approach my 40s I’m not getting caught up in what I don’t have but rather what I’m evolving into. Most of my friends are married with children and just because I’m not married doesn’t mean I’m not accomplished. I just know that I refuse to settle so I patiently wait. 

I catch myself thinking negative about myself when I compare myself to others, but I’m learning that the grass is not always greener so be present and just Live!

What are some insecurities or negative thoughts that pop in your mind that may get you feeling down about your life; and what do you tell yourself to overcome those thoughts?

#FitTo40 Journey Day 8: Identify the Truths About Your Weight-loss Journey

Weightloss Journey, Detox Products, Iaso Tea


So it’s the end of week 1 of my #FitTo40 journey and my first week allowed me to identify some weaknesses that I have.

For starters this journey is about improving my consistency in whatever I do. Blogging about my journey is allowing me to stay consistent especially if I have others reading my posts on a daily basis. I got into a lazy zone after Day 5 (I cannot lie) and it didn’t help that I was on my menstral which will always seems to kick me off my game. Next week I’m telling myself that it will be different. I have allowed myself 1 cheat day, and I strive to work out for 30 min at least 3 times a week. I was able to accomplish that goal.



My water intake for this week was like a roller coaster. I was able to fulfill my daily water intake goal at for 1 day out of the 7, but that will all change in the coming weeks. I can attest that my water was low due to me leaving my water bottle on the counter instead of hauling it with me at all times. I know I wasted time by not consistently drinking throughout the day.

I must admit on those days I had to run errands and I did not have my water with me, I slipped and had a couple of sodas which contributed to some weight gain. I know exactly why I got the results I did this past week. A lesson learned on how to do better!


Just like my water intake my diet was not the best this past week. On a few occasions I did not have my water so I opted for a can soda. Whenever I hit up my favorite grocery store called Gelson’s I can always count on making a great salad because they have all my favorite toppings. I had some wings from WingStop which clearly threw off my efforts but when I’m on the go, I must have my snacks otherwise poor food choices will be made. I made sure to stock up on my favorite healthy snacks to counter my cravings. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will have its challenges but with the right mindset you will prevail.

If you missed reading about the first week of my FitTo40 journey journey, Start Here!

I look forward to hearing about your progress. Week 2 Here I come!

Until Tomorrow!

FitTo40 Journey, Weightloss Story, Getting Healthy


Read Day 7 of my #FitTo40 journey

#FitTo40 Journey Day 7: End of the Week Summary



My IPhone has some really cool apps that I use when I don’t get a chance to go outdoors and get my cardio on. The following apps are ways to track your progress when you are building up muscle.

All of these apps I was able to get for Free on AppGoneFree. Its a cool app that provides Free Apps Daily to your IPhone or IPad. Whenever there is an app involving fitness, productivity, or fun games, then I download it and try it out.

Some of my favorite apps I use are: Sit-Ups Pro, Squats Pro, and Pullups Pro. Im not able to do 5 Pull ups just yet, but Im using the app to help me stay consistent.


 My Water intake remained the same from Day 6 to Day 7. I gained a few pounds due to not drinking any of my Iaso Tea for the day. It’s apparent that you have to drink the required 16oz a day. Overall this week was just the beginning. I have a benchmark to improve with my water intake. If I can maintain 100% or at least 75% and above, I know I will be able to feel the results in no time.


I used this day 7 as a cheat day. I went to WingStop which is clearly the wrong food option for my getting fit routine. No one is perfect and I was feigning for some lemon pepper wings. I see that I have to hit up the grocery store and purchase the produce that I will eat for the week. Because I am a snacker I try and buy cashews, trail mix and fruit to help with my sugar cravings. Popcorn is a great alternative without the butter and salt that I like, but staying away from it while I adjust on this Fit To 40 Journey. It’s reflected in the amount of pounds I did not lose these past few days, so I needed a reminder that you are what you eat!

If you missed reading Day 6 of my #FitTo40 journey Read it here.

Until Tomorrow!


#FitTo40 Journey Day 6



I took that first step yesterday and walked/ran a little more than 3 miles during my evening work out. I had to make up for Day 4, but I can honestly say I feel good (In my James Brown voice).

Aviation park in Redondo Beach, CA is so nice for an evening workout when the sun is setting. I was able to push myself a little more and complete 10 laps this time around. A lot of people utilize this park in the evenings so it’s imperative to get your workout in and then go. The track gets crowded as more folks are getting off from work.  It’s starting to become a pet peeve when the walkers don’t stay to the right and the runners are trying to run on the left. Overall its a cool place to knock out some cardio.


I Gulped my way to the preferred daily intake at 80 oz. you take you weight and divide it by 2, that should give you the amount of ounces and what are you should drink every day. This is where the water minder app comes into play.  The body fills up with water to show you drank enough.


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FitTo40 Day 6 – Weigh In

For breakfast I had cooked my two chicken sausage links and two hard boiled eggs. It’s easy and quick. I made a Nutraburst shot with my hair vitamin. I had to run some errands and by the time I got back, I was need of some refueling.

I ate my leftovers from the night before which was half of a baked chicken leg and some steamed cabbage. I made a salad and added a chicken breast (3.5oz) to get some protein into my system.

After my workout I made a turkey patty with some steamed kale. I need to head back to the grocery store and get more fruit! It’s helps to live in an area where produce is abundant and affordable.

Guess How much I paid for the vegetables you see below? 

My Grocery Run Cost me $11 Bucks for all this!

Progress is being made and Im starting to see some results! What are your fitness goals that you are striving towards? Leave me a comment and share!

Thanks for reading about my #FitTo40 Journey. Until Tomorrow!



#FitTo40 Journey Day 5

FitTo40 Journey - AnnFrances Lambert -

 Work out

Yesterday was a day of good intentions but failed in execution! This morning as you can see from the scale I gained back 2 lbs pounds only because I did not do any cardio yesterday. Unfortunately, I was in excruciating pain so I was not able to really push through. I did do some sit-ups because I follow @EmilySkyeFit on Instagram.

She has some amazing workouts to do especially once you see her body in action. It motivates me to get on the ball and to get it in. I will certainly make up for it tomorrow! All I can say is that CONSISTENCY is so important in all facets of your life!


To say the least on this day (being one of the lowest), my water intake did not soar either. As you can see I only got about 40% of water into my body. This is the only time that I say it sucks being a woman! So tomorrow is a new day for me to do better than Day 4!




I started the morning off with my two Chicken sausage links and two hard-boiled eggs. I drank the remainder of the breakfast shake that I had made the previous morning.   While I was out running a few errands, I slipped and got some popcorn from Target which I know was a no-no. And I had a medium sprite, so as a result of the 2 lb gain, I know what I have to do.

The struggles we deal with, but everyday I strive to do better than before. Cramps are my downfall I just retreat in my suffering. Tomorrow will be much better because I know my body which tomorrow I will not be feeling like I am now. So I say to you, keep up the great work if you hadn’t fallen off your path. You have to just pick right back up, dust yourself off and keep it moving!

Until tomorrow, which will be a lot better than today!

FitTo40 Journey~Ann-Frances

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