Internet Marketing Saved Me While I was Grieving

Frances Warden Lambert, Centurion Chronicles

The video above is of my grandmother Frances Lambert. She lived to be a 102 years old. As I was clearing out some old videos off my Youtube Channel, and I noticed I did a few videos of my grandmother while I was home. Im so grateful that I captured these moments.

Its been almost 2 years since I made that video and I can already tell you that I have grown spiritually, emotionally and thank the Lord not physically ūüôā So much has transpired since the making of this video, and I’m a testimony that my faith is helping me as I still continue to grieve.

For starters, I was home during a time where my father was getting sick. My 1st cousin just had a stroke at the age of 47, and I was a nervous wreck in California.  You see I have been living in California almost 4 years so living far from my family was the sacrifice I was willing to take to pursue my dreams of writing and producing my own tv show.

Although I am living my dream of being in California (not having to deal with the seasons) my family is very important to me. My father especially, and at the time I started internet marketing was a means to earn an income since the entertainment industry was not hiring any 30 year old PAs.

I had to do something fast because time was of the essence, and I did not want to move back to my hometown.
So I joined an online affiliate marketing program which was right up my alley.  The economy was tanking, no one was hiring in Hollywood, and I wanted to go back to school but funding would be a problem. I was able to learn and understand what the internet marketing industry was all about. Something had to change. I knew I was in the right place it was just with the wrong company.

Fast forward to today and I write this blog because since that video was posted to my Youtube Channel, my father and my grandmother have since passed. The video put a smile on my face because I have a lil something to hold on to of my Grandmother.  The beauty of this whole situation is that I was able to generate an income with another online business while I was able to spend quality time with those that I love.

Everything works out according to God’s plan, we must be obedient and stay consistent with our purpose.

Since I shot this video I have experienced a lot of growth in my life. This video was a testimony that we all have challenges in life, but we must remember that this too shall pass. As long as we have God on our side everything will work out. I was planting the seeds for my business back then and I can see the fruits of those seeds growing within me.  You have to remain consistent with whatever you set your mind to do, and the universe will work its way to making that dream a reality.

Virginia Mother of the Year 1970, Ann-Frances Lambert

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Please feel free to post a comment, like or Share it with someone who may have just lost a loved one. I pray this post brings some kind of comfort during a difficult time to someone. ¬†Although its been only 5 months since my grandmother passed, I just experienced the 1 year anniversary of my father’s death and I can say that I got through it. Always know that you will get through it.

Time Does Not Stand Still: 1 Year Anniversary of My Father’s Death


Me and Daddy

As much pain and hurt death brings, time stands still for no one!

I can’t believe that a year has passed since I had awaken from a dream that I was speaking to crowd at my father’s funeral. Something that I had been dreading my whole life, but the day finally came. The day came where my father was no longer suffering from Prostate cancer. He no longer had to deal with the pain, the loss of independence, to have to reley on someone else besides yourself to do the little things in life. The time had come for my father to die.

My father is now in heaven along with this father and mother. Its hard to fathom how you would react when a parent passes away. I always said to lock me up in a mental facility because I would not know how to handle myself. That never happened and I realized that you get through the hard times, knowing that they never left.

In time you will understand what I am saying, but time will heal all wounds.

Stand strong within your faith while grieving, that helped me through the rough patches but know that you will never forget that person you lost. They will forever be with you, that is a fact.


Oprah Tells Iyala: I’ll Fix Your House | Airs Nov. 29 OWN Network

Oprah Does it Again!

I just love Iyala Vanzant’s tv show I’ll Fix Your Life. The tables have been turned and Oprah is going to fix Iyala’s home with the help from Interior Design Expert Nate Burkis. Be sure to tune into OWN on Nov. 29th for this epic episode.

Watch the trailer below.

I don’t know why but I started to tear up when I watched that:)

Will you be tuning in to Iyala’s Fix my House episode on OWN airing Nov. 29th? Leave me a comment if you get teary eyed watching Iyala’s shows, I know I do!



The Grieving Process: How to Cope during a Loss

Mary Frances Lambert, Muhammed Ali

I decided to channel my grief through blogging and its helped a bit. I lost my father to prostate cancer back in March of 2014. Now 7 months later I lose my grandmother (my father’s mother) just yesterday. She lived to be 102 years old in which I am blessed and so thankful for. ¬†I was happy that I took a last minute trip to the east coast this past July to celebrate my Grandmother’s 102nd birthday.

Watch that Video: Grieving is a Process Here!