Why Everyone Needs to Do a Spiritual Fast For the Sake of the World!

Why I Need to Do A Fast

My Fasting ExperienceFirst things first, I googled the word Fast, and different types of “Fasts” showed up on the 1st page of Google. The ideas started to pop into my head on which type of fast I will do. There is a 40 Day and 40 Night fast like what Jesus did back in the day. Left Eye did one as well and she felt like her relationship to God was deeper than ever. I was compelled to start writing again and this one thought has lead me to writing this blog post. As a online marketer I have learned how important it is to be on the first page of Google. There were a few blog articles about personal fast experiences, Fasting programs for purchase, and so on, but there is nothing like sharing your own story. This would be great if everyone took the time to think about Why They Need to Do a Fast.

As Im blossoming into my 40s Im reflecting a lot on How Im Striving to Do Better and Be Better.  So in doing my research on Fasts and their Benefits I came across a video from the MTV, The Documentary of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez (TLC Girl Group), and how she did a fast after she met a healing doctor by the name of Dr. Sebi. I learned about Dr. Sebi a few years back from a really conscious minded friend. I suggest you take the time a watch a few of the videos that are on Youtube about him and his healing practices. I always remind myself that You Are What You Eat! Watching that story prompted me to do more of my own research and journal about my Fasting experience.

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There were some things that I had to consider and really think about. For starters a routine or change in my normal schedule. Change comes with a lot of fears we put on ourselves so that is why its important that you do your research. Some of us need to be kept on our toes especially if we are working within our purpose so a swift kick in the right direction is always good when there is Change! Im exploring the notion of doing something outside of my comfort zone as Im starting out my 40s. Im all about being at my top physical shape and what better to do it than to Fast. I made a list of what I want to do for myself this year and the following came to me:

  1. Pray more and deepen my relationship with God
  2. Do a detox to really see how my body functions with nothing harmful within my system
  3. Incorporate 10 minutes of Meditation to help balance myself
  4. Stay consistent with whatever I choose to do

I desire to educate myself about nutrition and what my body really needs in order to operate. I believe this fast will help me to achieve all 4 of those goals and much more.  I plan to stay committed to this experience and share with you on this blog.

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#FitTo40 Journey Day 8: Identify the Truths About Your Weight-loss Journey

Weightloss Journey, Detox Products, Iaso Tea


So it’s the end of week 1 of my #FitTo40 journey and my first week allowed me to identify some weaknesses that I have.

For starters this journey is about improving my consistency in whatever I do. Blogging about my journey is allowing me to stay consistent especially if I have others reading my posts on a daily basis. I got into a lazy zone after Day 5 (I cannot lie) and it didn’t help that I was on my menstral which will always seems to kick me off my game. Next week I’m telling myself that it will be different. I have allowed myself 1 cheat day, and I strive to work out for 30 min at least 3 times a week. I was able to accomplish that goal.



My water intake for this week was like a roller coaster. I was able to fulfill my daily water intake goal at for 1 day out of the 7, but that will all change in the coming weeks. I can attest that my water was low due to me leaving my water bottle on the counter instead of hauling it with me at all times. I know I wasted time by not consistently drinking throughout the day.

I must admit on those days I had to run errands and I did not have my water with me, I slipped and had a couple of sodas which contributed to some weight gain. I know exactly why I got the results I did this past week. A lesson learned on how to do better!


Just like my water intake my diet was not the best this past week. On a few occasions I did not have my water so I opted for a can soda. Whenever I hit up my favorite grocery store called Gelson’s I can always count on making a great salad because they have all my favorite toppings. I had some wings from WingStop which clearly threw off my efforts but when I’m on the go, I must have my snacks otherwise poor food choices will be made. I made sure to stock up on my favorite healthy snacks to counter my cravings. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will have its challenges but with the right mindset you will prevail.

If you missed reading about the first week of my FitTo40 journey journey, Start Here!

I look forward to hearing about your progress. Week 2 Here I come!

Until Tomorrow!

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Read Day 7 of my #FitTo40 journey

#FitTo40 Journey Day 7: End of the Week Summary



My IPhone has some really cool apps that I use when I don’t get a chance to go outdoors and get my cardio on. The following apps are ways to track your progress when you are building up muscle.

All of these apps I was able to get for Free on AppGoneFree. Its a cool app that provides Free Apps Daily to your IPhone or IPad. Whenever there is an app involving fitness, productivity, or fun games, then I download it and try it out.

Some of my favorite apps I use are: Sit-Ups Pro, Squats Pro, and Pullups Pro. Im not able to do 5 Pull ups just yet, but Im using the app to help me stay consistent.


 My Water intake remained the same from Day 6 to Day 7. I gained a few pounds due to not drinking any of my Iaso Tea for the day. It’s apparent that you have to drink the required 16oz a day. Overall this week was just the beginning. I have a benchmark to improve with my water intake. If I can maintain 100% or at least 75% and above, I know I will be able to feel the results in no time.


I used this day 7 as a cheat day. I went to WingStop which is clearly the wrong food option for my getting fit routine. No one is perfect and I was feigning for some lemon pepper wings. I see that I have to hit up the grocery store and purchase the produce that I will eat for the week. Because I am a snacker I try and buy cashews, trail mix and fruit to help with my sugar cravings. Popcorn is a great alternative without the butter and salt that I like, but staying away from it while I adjust on this Fit To 40 Journey. It’s reflected in the amount of pounds I did not lose these past few days, so I needed a reminder that you are what you eat!

If you missed reading Day 6 of my #FitTo40 journey Read it here.

Until Tomorrow!


#FitTo40 Journey Day 6



I took that first step yesterday and walked/ran a little more than 3 miles during my evening work out. I had to make up for Day 4, but I can honestly say I feel good (In my James Brown voice).

Aviation park in Redondo Beach, CA is so nice for an evening workout when the sun is setting. I was able to push myself a little more and complete 10 laps this time around. A lot of people utilize this park in the evenings so it’s imperative to get your workout in and then go. The track gets crowded as more folks are getting off from work.  It’s starting to become a pet peeve when the walkers don’t stay to the right and the runners are trying to run on the left. Overall its a cool place to knock out some cardio.


I Gulped my way to the preferred daily intake at 80 oz. you take you weight and divide it by 2, that should give you the amount of ounces and what are you should drink every day. This is where the water minder app comes into play.  The body fills up with water to show you drank enough.


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FitTo40 Day 6 – Weigh In

For breakfast I had cooked my two chicken sausage links and two hard boiled eggs. It’s easy and quick. I made a Nutraburst shot with my hair vitamin. I had to run some errands and by the time I got back, I was need of some refueling.

I ate my leftovers from the night before which was half of a baked chicken leg and some steamed cabbage. I made a salad and added a chicken breast (3.5oz) to get some protein into my system.

After my workout I made a turkey patty with some steamed kale. I need to head back to the grocery store and get more fruit! It’s helps to live in an area where produce is abundant and affordable.

Guess How much I paid for the vegetables you see below? 

My Grocery Run Cost me $11 Bucks for all this!

Progress is being made and Im starting to see some results! What are your fitness goals that you are striving towards? Leave me a comment and share!

Thanks for reading about my #FitTo40 Journey. Until Tomorrow!



#FitTo40 Journey Day 5

FitTo40 Journey - AnnFrances Lambert -

 Work out

Yesterday was a day of good intentions but failed in execution! This morning as you can see from the scale I gained back 2 lbs pounds only because I did not do any cardio yesterday. Unfortunately, I was in excruciating pain so I was not able to really push through. I did do some sit-ups because I follow @EmilySkyeFit on Instagram.

She has some amazing workouts to do especially once you see her body in action. It motivates me to get on the ball and to get it in. I will certainly make up for it tomorrow! All I can say is that CONSISTENCY is so important in all facets of your life!


To say the least on this day (being one of the lowest), my water intake did not soar either. As you can see I only got about 40% of water into my body. This is the only time that I say it sucks being a woman! So tomorrow is a new day for me to do better than Day 4!




I started the morning off with my two Chicken sausage links and two hard-boiled eggs. I drank the remainder of the breakfast shake that I had made the previous morning.   While I was out running a few errands, I slipped and got some popcorn from Target which I know was a no-no. And I had a medium sprite, so as a result of the 2 lb gain, I know what I have to do.

The struggles we deal with, but everyday I strive to do better than before. Cramps are my downfall I just retreat in my suffering. Tomorrow will be much better because I know my body which tomorrow I will not be feeling like I am now. So I say to you, keep up the great work if you hadn’t fallen off your path. You have to just pick right back up, dust yourself off and keep it moving!

Until tomorrow, which will be a lot better than today!

FitTo40 Journey~Ann-Frances

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#FitTo40 Journey Day 4

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So yesterday I scheduled a needed oil change for 8am. While my car was being serviced I brought my Rollerblades along and got 3 miles in!  

I use the Runkeeper app to track my daily workouts. It’s a Great app to motivate and connect with your friends that are like minded and work out as well. I currently have a few family members and friends that signed up so that we can motivate and encourage each other to take action when it comes to our health. RunKeeper has various activities they monitor so if you are a walker, runner, or Rollerblader like myself then you have no excuse to get off your butt and take action!



I started much earlier today than I did on Day 2. Since I had to be up early I consumed almost 40oz by noon. I can see that number slightly increasing every day. The ultimate goal its to reach 100% daily intake everyday.

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Before I headed to the get the oil change, I took a Nutraburst shot and drank 8oz of water. Once I returned home I had 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 chicken sausage links (Trader Joe’s). Those Chicken sausage links are pretty tasty, better for you than pork, and only $2.99. Far less than the turkey bacon I normally purchase. When it comes to the foods that you like, you can incorporate them into your diet in more ways than one!

Chicken Sausage Links, Hard Boiled Eggs

Overall, my whole body is not as sore as I had anticipated. I always find myself saying these words after a work out.

It Hurts So Good!

If you missed yesterday’s post, Read it Here!

Thank you for reading my #FitTo40 Journey. Please leave a comment and share your fitness Journey with me!

Until Tomorrow!

FitTo40 Journey-Weighloss
All smiles -Day 1 #FitTo40 journey


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#FitTo40 Journey Day 3

Fit to 40 Journey- weightless



Day 3 Morning weigh-in



Day 2 ended up being on a Sunday and I was in no mood to be active. I took it easy since it was the first day of having those monthly women’s issues (Females You Understand!)

When that happens everything falls by the wayside. You have to give yourself a day sometimes just because. Exercise is suppose to help relive cramps and improve your overall mood, but I realized that it’s ok to take a day, but don’t allow it to extend longer than that.

I usually spend my Sundays relaxing and renewing myself for the upcoming week. I went to the beach with the intention of rollerblading but I just sat and wrote in my journal. It’s good to get your thoughts out of your head so you can receive more.

SUnsets, Beach Life, Outdoor Activities
El Segundo Beach, CA


Started the morning off with a protein shake consisting of the following:

(1) Apple, (1) Banana, 1 Tbsp. Almond Butter, 1 Tsp.  of crushed flaxseeds, 1 c. Spinach, 1/2 c. water, (4) ice cubes.

I drank 1 glass and the shake makes about 20oz all together. I drank 1 glass with some left over for a snack.

I made a video using an app called PicPlayPost. It’s an app where you ca incorporate still images and video all together. It’s great for those entrepreneurs that have small budgets for their marketing and this tool helps to allow you to create some quick contact for your business. Watch it below, you can add music as well to your video.


I consumed about 49% of my water intake goal which I know needs improvement. I did not have my 1st glass of water until about 11:30am. The earlier you start drinking the easier it is to put water into your body by the end of the day you can appreciate your progress. I have been told to consume room temperature water w/lemon first thing in the morning when you wake up to flush out those toxins while you were sleeping. The cool thing about the WaterMinder App is that they give some interesting stats everyone should be aware about when it comes to getting in the necessary Water our bodies need.

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FitTo40 Journey-Weighloss
All smiles -Day 1 #FitTo40 journey



#FitTo40 Journey Day 2

FitTo40 journey- Ann-Frances-Lambert

Weightloss Story-Getting Fit-Ann-Frances-Lambert

FitTo40 Journey-Weighloss
All smiles -Day 1 #FitTo40 journey

Its Day 2 of my #FitTo40 journey and I’m a tad bit sore which is good. As I think about getting older, stretching is imperative! I did a meditation challenge a few months ago and having 10 minutes of stillness is everything. I will make a conscious effort to include stretching!

So my initial weigh-in was 161 lbs as you can see from the image above. Before I started typing this post, I weighed myself and Im at 159 lbs. Not bad for getting back on track with my health.


FitTo40-Fitness-Workouts-Getting Fit
Redondo Beach Aviation Park ~ Redondo Beach, CA
Total Life Changes Contact, Rep#2788891
Order Today

Fitness-Workout-FitTo40 journeyWhere I live in Southern California people call it the SouthBay. Its a pretty cool area so I would pass this track all the time. I told myself that I would workout there if I wanted to get some laps in.

So yesterday’s workout goal was to walk/run around the track 10 times or however many in 30 minutes (4x= approx. 1 mile). I was able to walk 5 of the laps, and run 4 of them. It was getting pretty hot and I felt a tad bit light headed at the 9th lap so I decided to stop. Although I had 1 lap to go, if I weren’t feeling light headed I would have finished. Ive been told by others to listen to your body. Take a break if you are feeling light headed. No need to prove anything to myself, I already knew, sit your ass down, and just breathe!

My right knee is a little sore, but I will work through the pain when Im out rollerblading for 30 minutes along the beach today. Other than that I feel pretty good and I got about 7 hours of sleep last night. I have always been pretty active but I have my moments where I slack off. I am looking forward to not allowing laziness to derail me along this journey.

If you missed Day 1 of My FitTo40 Journey Read it Here!


I got up to 62% for Day 1 which is a good start for this 39 year old. Now part of my goal is to stay consistent in getting the proper amount of water into my system everyday. Ultimately, I want to FEEL and see the difference. Since I am also drinking the IASO Detox Tea which is another 16oz that I am drinking so 62% is a good point for me to work up.

FitTo40 journey, Weight loss, Getting Fit, Pulling it Together
My WaterMinder’s Daily Water Intake Summary for Day 1 #FitTo40 journey.





Nutraburst, Manatabolism Hair Growth Vitamin

I started off the morning with some oatmeal topped with strawberries. I mixed a shot of the Nutraburst and 1 capsule of The Mane Choice Mantabolism Plus Hair Vitamin.

Mantabolism-Hair-VitaminI started taking the The Mane Choice’s hair vitamin supplement last year. My hair grew about 3 inches, so I know it works. They just revamped the formula so its the Mantabolism Plus which I included as part of my diet.  The directions say to take the supplement twice a day, but Im only doing one. I can tell that my nails are stronger because they have not started splitting, but I have hair growing on my chin which drives me nuts!

For lunch I had a huge salad, but it was late in the afternoon. Green leaf lettuce with tomatoes, avocado, carrots, cucumbers topped with a few olives. I consider myself a snacker so I snacked on some cashews, trail mix and a few raspberries. Unfortunately I was so tired I didn’t eat anything for dinner since my huge salad was late. I thawed out some chicken but it never got prepared. I will do better with my diet today.



FitTo40 journey-Ann-Frances-Lambert
I was all smiles when I started, but this is when I finished. I was hot and bothered at this point. Great workout to say the least!

I have some work cut out for me, but I do know my body after 39 years, and it always snaps back when I do the work! My #FitTo40 journey is all about getting my weight down to 140lbs or close to it when I reach the big 4-0 in September. A simple challenge I created for myself especially since its about 56 days away. A lot of my friends are turning 40 this year and their fitness activities have motivated me to do the same.


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#FitTo40 Journey Day 1: Set that Goal and Go For It!

Ann-Frances Blog-Fit-To-40

Update 8/19/15!

Ok I tried to start this journey on August 1st but I got side tracked and really didn’t jump start this journey like I wanted, today is officially 40 Days until I turn 40. My weight as you can see above is 156.6lbs. We are starting there. I will be updating the first week of my journey to coincide with the actual countdown! 

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Its August 1st and I have 2 months to get myself into shape before I turn 40 years old in September. My goal is to be in my top physical shape or damn near it by the time I my Birthday rolls around. I have been saying that I want to at least be on a path of a healthier body, but in order for me to do it, I need to set this goal and post it to my blog so that I can be accountable to myself.

I have at least set the goal which is the main point to this blog post. I need to really pump myself up in order to lose 20 lbs by my Birthday. My current weight is 163.2 lbs in which It went up since this morning! I may just weigh myself at the end of each week until the birthday (which is 9 weeks away). I am using a few products to help me jumpstart my FitTo40 journey. Lets Get It In!

Iaso Tea



So a friend of mine turned me on to the Total Life Changes products and the Iaso Tea worked for me back in 2014. I got down to 150 lbs, but my Grandmother passed away in Oct. of 2014 and once the holidays rolled around, I gained 16lbs since then. Now that I am getting closer to the birthday, I need to stay focused and get back on the tea! Order the Tea HERE!


Nutra Burst 


So I started taking this product in addition to the tea which is amazing especially if you are on the go all the time. Nutra Burst is packed with vitamins and nutrients to help replenish what is being eliminated from your body.  Its like 10 servings of salad packed into 1 shot!


Water Minder-App-I have an app on my phone called Water Minder which tracks your water intake, as well as, an hourly reminder of when its time to drink More Water.  Every time you drink 8oz, 14oz, or 17oz, the app calculates your “Daily Fill”.

Below is an image of my water intake from July 30th.  I did not get much water in but will post my daily water intake, so I know that I am not slacking. As you can see by the image of the body the water only covers up to my calf muscles. It just goes to show you that the more effort you put into yourself you will see the results. (The app is approx $1.99 in the iTunes store, but Download Apps Gone Free and you possibly can get it for FREE!)

Water Minder-App Review

Over the course of the next 9 weeks (58 Days to Be Exact) Be sure to check out my blog everyday as I write about my #FitTo40 Journey! This is my challenge to myself to stay consistent with something and it starts with my health.

When you approach a milestone birthday are you trying to get yourself back into shape? What mindset tricks do you tell yourself so you can reach your health goals? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Until tomorrow!

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~Ann-Frances #FitTo40

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