The Season of Dry Fasting

So I was listening to a station on Sirius XM and a guy named Cole has videos on Youtube called the Snake Diet. Its a prolonged fasting lifestyle with proactive eating.

He starts off his videos calling you a Fattie! While Cole was answering questions from callers about doing fasts he also cursed out a few if they were speaking nonsense.  He is a loud talking in your face type of guy which comes across as hysterical, but apparently he knows what he is talking about.  It peaked my interest because as I read about more holistic approaches to bettering my health I had never tried a fast before. Im in the season of learning and trying new things and doing a fast with someone that is cursing you out would be good for me.

So there are a few fasts to consider. There is a Hard Dry Fast, Soft Dry Fast and a salt water fast. A Hard Dry fast is where you have no contact with water. When I first heard that I was like WTF? So that means no showers, brushing of teeth nothing. The Soft Dry Fast is where you can take showers and brush your teeth. A Salt Water fast is just that where you are drinking nothing but a salt water mixture which Cole calls Snake Juice.

So I have to mention that you should without a doubt consult a physician!!! I am no doctor but fasting to improve my overall health, Im willing to try and commit to doing it for at least 72 hours.

For starters, I have started to eat just fruits and veggies prior to me starting the fast. Im prepping my liver and other organs to start working to rid the toxins out of my body. I will be removing myself from a lot of distractions and toxins within my environment while doing this fast as well. My only means of expressing myself will be through my blog.

I love making Beet, Carrot and Apple Juice. Its a great pick me up and a lot more healthy to drink than craving for something with sugar in it. Im curious to see how I will break the sugar addiction we all suffer from in some form with the food that is available to us. This will be a true test for my level of commitment to where I can report my results. With the right mindset I can do whatever I set my mind out to do and completing this fast will be a start.

Have you done a fast before? What were your results, and would you do it again?


3 Steps to Remember When Registering Your Idea for a TV Show

Registering a Show Idea for TV

I have a slew ideas for a tv show that runs through my head, but that is just what it is if you never go to the Writers Guild and Register Your Idea! Here are 3 Steps you Need to Remember when Registering Your Idea for a TV Show!

The First step I would tell anyone is to write your idea down! It never helps your idea if its still stuck in your head. I would so regret the thought knowing that if I never took action on an idea then I can’t get mad if someone else beats me to the punch. This step will help you take some type of action of seeing your dream come to eventually.

I was told before moving out to Los Angeles to TRUST No one! With that being said step 2 is to never share your idea until you have a script or a treatment written down, and it has been registered with the Writers Guild. Folks will steal your ideas with the quickness and its better to be prepared than un-prepared.

Lastly step 3 is to continue to write.  When your idea is being shopped around and finally sold,  the question will be asked, do you have anything else you can show us? Because you did not give up, you can have other projects on standby ready for that green light!

I got my letter in the mail today that my idea is registered.

I hope these 3 tips can shed a little light on How to Register your idea. I desperately needed to push myself in order to get this done and out of my head.  Thanks for reading about my journey and on becoming the next Shonda Rhimes!


Leave me a comment on your past experience in registering a script or treatment. Has anyone ever stolen your idea? 

Learning About Something New – Arabic Greetings

I attended mass this morning at the Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral here in Los Angeles, and had a wonderful revelation as I was listening to the gospel. The monsignor told a story about how he traveled to the Holy Land a few months ago and was  asked to say a few words to the crowd at the end of their mass. He started out by saying to the crowd “alssalam ealaykum” which means “Peace Be with You.”  


As Americans I pray for those abroad who are Christians in areas of the world where there is so much fighting and hate going on. To be a strong advocate for Christ during these times can be difficult, but when we eliminate that fear and trust in God, nothing can hold you down. Learning a lil bit of Arabic and opening our minds to the truth about Islam will usher in Peace and Hope for the future.

Thanks for reading Day 5 of my 365 Days of Learning Something New. If you missed reading any of my previous posts, catch up with Day 1 here. Leave a comment on what you Learned New Today! 

Learning About Something New – What is Movember?

Today is day 4 of my 365 Days of Learning Something New journey. On my spare time I drive for a couple of Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. As a rideshare driver you are coming in contact with a lot of interesting people or characters is what I like to call them.

On this one particular ride I picked up a guy and had to take him to an area in LA that I love called Marina Del Ray. This is an area close to the water and in the direction of my home.  So that is what is cool when you pick someone up and they are headed in your direction. As we were talking about How I got started driving for Rideshare Companies. I told him that I’m currently writing a script because my rideshare rides fuel my creativity. I mentioned that this ride will be a part of one of my episodes. In mentioning that It made me think about casting someone who resembles my rider who had a short mustache, kinda like Charles Chaplin. The rider mentioned that he was growing out his mustache for Mo-vember. I was like what is Mo-vember? For the month of November men will grow out their mustaches in support for those dealing with prostate cancer. I said to him that is awesome idea especially since my Uncle just passed away and the males in my family are high risk of getting it. I learned something new and it’s for a good cause.

So if you are a male sign up with the Movember Foundation and grow your mustache out. For the month of November help spread awareness about prostate cancer!

Thanks for reading Day 4 of my 365 days of learning something new journey. If you missed yesterday’s post catch it here. Leave me a comment on what you have learned new today! 

If you want to start driving Lyft click below:

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Learning About Something New – Cancer Sucks

Its Day 3 of my 365 Days of Learning Something New journey and today I learned that a good friend of mine has been battling Stage 2 Breast cancer and she is under the age of 40!

Now I just turned 40 and had to come to grips with getting a year older, but my friend informed me that if you have a family that is high risk of having the cancer gene then you need to get mammograms a lot sooner.

My friend educated me on how there are so many younger people walking around that have cancer. Luckily she had been giving herself self breast exams and followed up on a lump she found. She is in stage 2 of breast treatments right now. A lot of us take our health for granted but in talking with my friend, I’m being a bit more aggressive on changing some habits.

Did you know that by having 2 Cancer Treatments it can run you close to $62,000 and that does not include prescriptions or other out of pocket expenses. 

My friend suggested that I download a few apps one that will help me be in the know when it comes to Cancer. One of the apps is recommended I download is called Think Dirty. This app helps to identify products we come in contact with that are high with carcinogens in them.

Carcinogens are known to cause cancer and these toxins are allowed into our foods, everyday products we use and much more. The FDA is administering death sentences to everyone since they are approving GMO products like it’s ok for consumption.

Have you heard of a company by the name of Masanto? Well they are known for creating GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) which is what they are putting into the food. You have to wonder why so many people are coming down with diseases and ailments at a faster rate than in years past.

I hope you Learned Something New about Breast Cancer today and how it Sucks for a lot of people who are dealing with it. Cancer does not discriminate especially if you are not watching what you are putting into your body.

Continue to do your daily self breast exams and get a mammogram way before you turn 40, it just might save your life!

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Learning About Something New – Recycling Pays

So today is Day 2 of my 365 Days of Learning Something New and each morning I attempt to start everyday off with a positive mindset. So today I had to run quite a few errands and on my list to do was to drop off some recycling and to get some laundry done. A friend was throwing out a box of wine bottles from an event she had, and I opted to take that glass because you can get about $1.10/lb for glass out here in California. Not bad if you are an eco-friendly person like myself.

So I shot a video of what I learned today while I was waiting of my clothes to dry. Check it out below.

I was happy to know that I can recycle and get some laundry done at the same time. Its the little things that Im learning that makes me happy. Who knew!

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Learning About Something New- Pilates

Today is Day 1 of 365 Days of Learning Something New. My Uncle Leonard passed away this morning. Life is too short and this idea popped into my head as a way to take my mind off of mourning, but also quenching this thirst I have for knowledge. My uncle was an attorney and I have always been a seeker of the truth, so what better way to honor him by Learning Something New for the next 365 days.

Today was all about Pilates. I have never taken a class before so I was game to stretch my back out on the reformer. I once Freelanced as a Personal Assistant for Naomi Campbell’s weave-ologist in which I learned how Naomi keeps her body tight and its all because of Pilates!

I met my Pilates instructor through a mutual friend that I graduated from college with. We were talking about my Social Media Consulting Business and how I help artist and entrepreneurs improve their online presence. She was teaching a Pilates class the next day and her videographer fell through. She asked if I could come and film the class. In return for that favor I was able to get a private Pilates lesson in  at a really nice spa.

The location of the session was held at the Carriage House Spa in Pasadena, CA. Its a small but quaint spa with a gym, steam room and jaccuzi for its members. Since I had my first session of Pilates, I also had the opportunity to indulge in the amenities of the spa. It was a great way to relax and try to piece through the loss of my uncle. Im happy that I was able to learn something new and not have to stress at the same time.

I sometimes have back issues due to an old sciatic nerve flare up. Since then I have tried Hot Bikram Yoga and Thai Massages to help relieve the stiffness I get in my back. Pilates is all about working your core and keeping your body aligned. Since I recently turned 40 (and yes I do not look my age) Im all about maintaining an awesome healthy body.

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Why Everyone Needs to Do a Spiritual Fast For the Sake of the World!

Why I Need to Do A Fast

My Fasting ExperienceFirst things first, I googled the word Fast, and different types of “Fasts” showed up on the 1st page of Google. The ideas started to pop into my head on which type of fast I will do. There is a 40 Day and 40 Night fast like what Jesus did back in the day. Left Eye did one as well and she felt like her relationship to God was deeper than ever. I was compelled to start writing again and this one thought has lead me to writing this blog post. As a online marketer I have learned how important it is to be on the first page of Google. There were a few blog articles about personal fast experiences, Fasting programs for purchase, and so on, but there is nothing like sharing your own story. This would be great if everyone took the time to think about Why They Need to Do a Fast.

As Im blossoming into my 40s Im reflecting a lot on How Im Striving to Do Better and Be Better.  So in doing my research on Fasts and their Benefits I came across a video from the MTV, The Documentary of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez (TLC Girl Group), and how she did a fast after she met a healing doctor by the name of Dr. Sebi. I learned about Dr. Sebi a few years back from a really conscious minded friend. I suggest you take the time a watch a few of the videos that are on Youtube about him and his healing practices. I always remind myself that You Are What You Eat! Watching that story prompted me to do more of my own research and journal about my Fasting experience.

Discover How to Earn an Income by Blogging about Fasting?

There were some things that I had to consider and really think about. For starters a routine or change in my normal schedule. Change comes with a lot of fears we put on ourselves so that is why its important that you do your research. Some of us need to be kept on our toes especially if we are working within our purpose so a swift kick in the right direction is always good when there is Change! Im exploring the notion of doing something outside of my comfort zone as Im starting out my 40s. Im all about being at my top physical shape and what better to do it than to Fast. I made a list of what I want to do for myself this year and the following came to me:

  1. Pray more and deepen my relationship with God
  2. Do a detox to really see how my body functions with nothing harmful within my system
  3. Incorporate 10 minutes of Meditation to help balance myself
  4. Stay consistent with whatever I choose to do

I desire to educate myself about nutrition and what my body really needs in order to operate. I believe this fast will help me to achieve all 4 of those goals and much more.  I plan to stay committed to this experience and share with you on this blog.

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Black Girls Travel: 3 Tips To Consider When Travelling Out of LAX

I finally made it to Lima, Peru! After being dropped off at the wrong terminal at LAX again (Another blog post) I’m giving 3 Essential tips for traveling abroad. 

1. Know which terminal your flight is leaving from before you head for the airport! I made the same mistake twice now that I have traveled out of LAX. It’s a huge airport but knowing this bit of info can save you 30min easy!

2. Give yourself 3 hours if you are flying internationally especially if you did not do #1. You just may end up at the wrong airport terminal. 

3. Exchange your currency when you get to your destination, especially if the U.S. Dollar is strong. 

These are just 3 little things to take into consideration when traveling abroad. 

I will be writing more about my Peruvian adventure all while celebrating my 40th birthday. 

Leave me a comment if you have traveled abroad before. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more great stories from Peru!

#LibraChronicles-26 Days

I started the week off going to mass and realized that I have 30 days left of my 39 year old self. I so appreciate the journey that I’m currently on right now. 

Whenever September 1st comes around I always begin to do a lot of self reflections of where I am in life and the only 2 things that are missing is my father and Grandmother who are no longer here on earth. I’m entering a new phase of my life without them. 

All of the lessons they taught me are instilled in me in so many ways. My perspectives are clearer and I’m making myself a priority during My 40s. I’m leaning towards becoming a vegan but haven’t made that commitment just yet. Living in California you are forced to make your health a priority. I’m walking around an awesome track as I write this post. 

I look at life for the lessons to be learned and seek the beauty in all things God created. My friend told me that you are where you are supposed to be so don’t get all caught up in yourself. 

So as I approach my 40s I’m not getting caught up in what I don’t have but rather what I’m evolving into. Most of my friends are married with children and just because I’m not married doesn’t mean I’m not accomplished. I just know that I refuse to settle so I patiently wait. 

I catch myself thinking negative about myself when I compare myself to others, but I’m learning that the grass is not always greener so be present and just Live!

What are some insecurities or negative thoughts that pop in your mind that may get you feeling down about your life; and what do you tell yourself to overcome those thoughts?