The Season of Dry Fasting

So I was listening to a station on Sirius XM and a guy named Cole has videos on Youtube called the Snake Diet. Its a prolonged fasting lifestyle with proactive eating.

He starts off his videos calling you a Fattie! While Cole was answering questions from callers about doing fasts he also cursed out a few if they were speaking nonsense.  He is a loud talking in your face type of guy which comes across as hysterical, but apparently he knows what he is talking about.  It peaked my interest because as I read about more holistic approaches to bettering my health I had never tried a fast before. Im in the season of learning and trying new things and doing a fast with someone that is cursing you out would be good for me.

So there are a few fasts to consider. There is a Hard Dry Fast, Soft Dry Fast and a salt water fast. A Hard Dry fast is where you have no contact with water. When I first heard that I was like WTF? So that means no showers, brushing of teeth nothing. The Soft Dry Fast is where you can take showers and brush your teeth. A Salt Water fast is just that where you are drinking nothing but a salt water mixture which Cole calls Snake Juice.

So I have to mention that you should without a doubt consult a physician!!! I am no doctor but fasting to improve my overall health, Im willing to try and commit to doing it for at least 72 hours.

For starters, I have started to eat just fruits and veggies prior to me starting the fast. Im prepping my liver and other organs to start working to rid the toxins out of my body. I will be removing myself from a lot of distractions and toxins within my environment while doing this fast as well. My only means of expressing myself will be through my blog.

I love making Beet, Carrot and Apple Juice. Its a great pick me up and a lot more healthy to drink than craving for something with sugar in it. Im curious to see how I will break the sugar addiction we all suffer from in some form with the food that is available to us. This will be a true test for my level of commitment to where I can report my results. With the right mindset I can do whatever I set my mind out to do and completing this fast will be a start.

Have you done a fast before? What were your results, and would you do it again?

Your Thoughts?

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