Learning About Something New – Cancer Sucks

Its Day 3 of my 365 Days of Learning Something New journey and today I learned that a good friend of mine has been battling Stage 2 Breast cancer and she is under the age of 40!

Now I just turned 40 and had to come to grips with getting a year older, but my friend informed me that if you have a family that is high risk of having the cancer gene then you need to get mammograms a lot sooner.

My friend educated me on how there are so many younger people walking around that have cancer. Luckily she had been giving herself self breast exams and followed up on a lump she found. She is in stage 2 of breast treatments right now. A lot of us take our health for granted but in talking with my friend, I’m being a bit more aggressive on changing some habits.

Did you know that by having 2 Cancer Treatments it can run you close to $62,000 and that does not include prescriptions or other out of pocket expenses. 

My friend suggested that I download a few apps one that will help me be in the know when it comes to Cancer. One of the apps is recommended I download is called Think Dirty. This app helps to identify products we come in contact with that are high with carcinogens in them.

Carcinogens are known to cause cancer and these toxins are allowed into our foods, everyday products we use and much more. The FDA is administering death sentences to everyone since they are approving GMO products like it’s ok for consumption.

Have you heard of a company by the name of Masanto? Well they are known for creating GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) which is what they are putting into the food. You have to wonder why so many people are coming down with diseases and ailments at a faster rate than in years past.

I hope you Learned Something New about Breast Cancer today and how it Sucks for a lot of people who are dealing with it. Cancer does not discriminate especially if you are not watching what you are putting into your body.

Continue to do your daily self breast exams and get a mammogram way before you turn 40, it just might save your life!

Thank you for reading Day 3 of My 365 Days of Learning Something New project. Leave me a comment on what You Learned New Today! 


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