Learning About Something New – Recycling Pays

So today is Day 2 of my 365 Days of Learning Something New and each morning I attempt to start everyday off with a positive mindset. So today I had to run quite a few errands and on my list to do was to drop off some recycling and to get some laundry done. A friend was throwing out a box of wine bottles from an event she had, and I opted to take that glass because you can get about $1.10/lb for glass out here in California. Not bad if you are an eco-friendly person like myself.

So I shot a video of what I learned today while I was waiting of my clothes to dry. Check it out below.

I was happy to know that I can recycle and get some laundry done at the same time. Its the little things that Im learning that makes me happy. Who knew!

Leave me a comment on What You Learned New Today?



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