Learning About Something New- Pilates

Today is Day 1 of 365 Days of Learning Something New. My Uncle Leonard passed away this morning. Life is too short and this idea popped into my head as a way to take my mind off of mourning, but also quenching this thirst I have for knowledge. My uncle was an attorney and I have always been a seeker of the truth, so what better way to honor him by Learning Something New for the next 365 days.

Today was all about Pilates. I have never taken a class before so I was game to stretch my back out on the reformer. I once Freelanced as a Personal Assistant for Naomi Campbell’s weave-ologist in which I learned how Naomi keeps her body tight and its all because of Pilates!

I met my Pilates instructor through a mutual friend that I graduated from college with. We were talking about my Social Media Consulting Business and how I help artist and entrepreneurs improve their online presence. She was teaching a Pilates class the next day and her videographer fell through. She asked if I could come and film the class. In return for that favor I was able to get a private Pilates lesson in  at a really nice spa.

The location of the session was held at the Carriage House Spa in Pasadena, CA. Its a small but quaint spa with a gym, steam room and jaccuzi for its members. Since I had my first session of Pilates, I also had the opportunity to indulge in the amenities of the spa. It was a great way to relax and try to piece through the loss of my uncle. Im happy that I was able to learn something new and not have to stress at the same time.

I sometimes have back issues due to an old sciatic nerve flare up. Since then I have tried Hot Bikram Yoga and Thai Massages to help relieve the stiffness I get in my back. Pilates is all about working your core and keeping your body aligned. Since I recently turned 40 (and yes I do not look my age) Im all about maintaining an awesome healthy body.

Leave a comment below on what you Learned New Today! #365DaysOfLearnSomethingNew


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