#LibraChronicles-26 Days

I started the week off going to mass and realized that I have 30 days left of my 39 year old self. I so appreciate the journey that I’m currently on right now. 

Whenever September 1st comes around I always begin to do a lot of self reflections of where I am in life and the only 2 things that are missing is my father and Grandmother who are no longer here on earth. I’m entering a new phase of my life without them. 

All of the lessons they taught me are instilled in me in so many ways. My perspectives are clearer and I’m making myself a priority during My 40s. I’m leaning towards becoming a vegan but haven’t made that commitment just yet. Living in California you are forced to make your health a priority. I’m walking around an awesome track as I write this post. 

I look at life for the lessons to be learned and seek the beauty in all things God created. My friend told me that you are where you are supposed to be so don’t get all caught up in yourself. 

So as I approach my 40s I’m not getting caught up in what I don’t have but rather what I’m evolving into. Most of my friends are married with children and just because I’m not married doesn’t mean I’m not accomplished. I just know that I refuse to settle so I patiently wait. 

I catch myself thinking negative about myself when I compare myself to others, but I’m learning that the grass is not always greener so be present and just Live!

What are some insecurities or negative thoughts that pop in your mind that may get you feeling down about your life; and what do you tell yourself to overcome those thoughts?


Your Thoughts?

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