Time Does Not Stand Still: 1 Year Anniversary of My Father’s Death


Me and Daddy

As much pain and hurt death brings, time stands still for no one!

I can’t believe that a year has passed since I had awaken from a dream that I was speaking to crowd at my father’s funeral. Something that I had been dreading my whole life, but the day finally came. The day came where my father was no longer suffering from Prostate cancer. He no longer had to deal with the pain, the loss of independence, to have to reley on someone else besides yourself to do the little things in life. The time had come for my father to die.

My father is now in heaven along with this father and mother. Its hard to fathom how you would react when a parent passes away. I always said to lock me up in a mental facility because I would not know how to handle myself. That never happened and I realized that you get through the hard times, knowing that they never left.

In time you will understand what I am saying, but time will heal all wounds.

Stand strong within your faith while grieving, that helped me through the rough patches but know that you will never forget that person you lost. They will forever be with you, that is a fact.


Your Thoughts?

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